Latest Happy Birthday Funny SMS, Messages For Whatsapp & Insta

Here we have for you best happy birthday funny wishes sms and messages. You can use in whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. As you know, happy birthday funny jokes to put smile on birthday boy or girl. Therefore here share with you many funny messages with you.

We hope you like from these messages and share with your friend, family, colleges friend and others. It is not compulsory can send a card, also you can do this, some write a joke on card and then will be send on whatsapp and insta.

We are cover these Funny Birthday Messages:-

  • Happy Birthday Funny SMS/Messages
  • Happy Birthday Funny Quotes
  • Happy Birthday Funny Wishes For Him/Her
  • Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

Let start the funny happy birthday messages, we share the best latest and unseen jokes over here.

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes SMS/ Messages

If you here search happy birthday funny messages for sister, mom, dad, online friends or other relation. As sure you will found here best messages of funny birthday. Then you can send via help of whatsapp and Facebook. Now check the best funny messages from the list.

  • Hello today is your birthday, where is my party..Happy Birthday!

  • Let’s celebrate your birthday party with new big amount of bill..Wish you Happy Birthday!
  • Are you ready for your new bill and your new age of happiness..Happy Birthday!
  • I’m waiting in club for your birthday, come fast and pay my bills..Happy Birthday!😉

  • I wish you live long and always you feed me, every year i enjoy in your birthday. Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes Quotes

Choose from this list of Funny birthday quotes and send to friend whatsapp. You can use as Facebook captions and Instagram. Also you can one thing write this funny quotes to card and enjoy the birthday.

  • When you wake up every day, it’s like a new cost less day, but today is your birthday, its a new day for expenses. Happy Birthday!

  • There are two days in person’s life, one is birthday second is expense. Happy Birthday!

  • The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate for friend. Happy Birthday!😉
  • Let us never know what your old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings and expense. Wish you Happy Birthday!
  • I remember when the candle extinguish down on your last birthday. Everyone person around singing ‘Happy Birthday.’

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes For Him & Her

If you want funny birthday messages for GF, Wife, Her, BF, Husband and another him. So you can use these funny sms to say happy birthday and enjoy the moment.

  • “Hey lady..your birthday will be celebrate in the hell. sure you can fear with this”…Happy Birthday!😉
  • Hey Darling..I’m your birthday celebrate in this year, because as you know your last birthday was i’m forget. Happy Birthday!
  • You always secrets your your birthday..tell me your old age number..Happy Birthday!😉
  • You are my cute wife..please take your today birthday expense ..Happy Birthday!😉
  • Happy Birthday Mom..Although is my time to give gift…therefore give me some money.Happy Birthday!

  • Always you look younger age! Can you at least try to look older? 😉Happy Birthday

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

As you know friends are most important role play in the life. Therefore as your responsibility make some funny birthday surprise for him. You can start from to send funny message to him FB or whatsapp.

  • Ready for looseness some money from pocket..become your birthday will be celebrate grand.Happy Birthday my Friend.
  • Last birthday in which your pocket was loose low..but this time in your expenses will be high..Happy Birthday
  • Ready to give me party, you know i’m waiting for your Birthday..Happy Birthday!

  • i’m very exciting for your birthday, because i’m very hungry..Happy Birthday My Friend!
  • I wish you live long live..And your bill is more longer…Happy Birthday!😉
  • Hello my friend..i’m very hungry so let’s celebrate your birthday in restaurant…Happy Birthday!😉

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